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Black Edition | new pre-order of A345+

Issue #15 — Jan 23, 2021
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Today: Black Edition | new pre-order of A345+
Dear Friends!
We are back with the promise of our new A345+
Black Edition 2021   I   Pre-order of A345+
Black Edition 2021 I Pre-order of A345+
Probably most of you are now spending more time in your natural home environment and the weather outside does not encourage you to travel - at least here in Berlin. That is why we have decided to take care of your desktops.
This time we are strongly focusing on leather desk pads. We are in the process of ordering a very nice and thick 4mm vegetable-tanned leather and hoping it will arrive this week. At the moment we have decided to go for black leather mainly, as it is more accessible to produce.
If any of you, nevertheless like natural leather and do not see yourselves in a different colour on your desk, please write to me at I will try to collect all your individual opinions and present them in the workshop.
However, I must warn you right away that the waiting time for natural leather is about 3 weeks longer than for a black one. In order not to prolong our entire pre-order and to avoid delays, we set up two different dates for the project completion.
Regarding the A345+ collection - we are also offering you the items from our regular line
The rules of PRE-ORDER:
  1. The purchase must be made during the pre-order time: 23 - 31 Jan 2021 (a week from today)
  2. You pay less but you wait till the production ends: 15 - 19 Feb 2021
Simple as that :)
We will inform you about every stage of the process if it’s needed. We produce in small workshops in the north of Poland and we are proud of this new cooperation.
The pre-order offer starts today and lasts only 7 days. We decided to offer you a 30% less than normal price for our A345+ products.
Hopefully, we believe that this is an honest offer where both sides might be satisfied. The product price includes:
  1. Cost of materials
  2. Cost of local production where employees are given the fair wages
  3. Cost of the taxes and our income
  4. The extra cost of transportation + superior standard of leather finish
As you may already know Thisispaper products in our offer are fully locally produced (every stage of production is based in Poland).
A7+ wallet
A7+ wallet
After we completed the first pre-order and recalculated all the spending during the entire production process, we found out that we didn’t count some of the additional expenses, such as shipping and the higher cost of leather.
During the production process, we decided to use more expensive cowhide leather finish in order to provide you with better quality products, more resistant to scratches and stains. It also turned out that leather ordered for pads and desktops is much more valuable and deserves more work in order to be finished and prepared than we expected.
All these little decisions have resulted in a slight price increase. It is nothing serious, but in order to maintain balance in our work, we were forced to make some changes.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Zuzanna | Thisispaper

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