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Issue #10 — Nov 28, 2020
Thisispaper Shop
Today: Black Week only 24H | get extra 15% OFF
Hi everyone! It’s just a quick reminder.
As you probably know we decided to make an additional offer to our 2020 Stock Sale which is extra 15% OFF all products. Only 24H left.
The offer stops at Monday midnight.
And the numbers you see here - yes, this is the final amount, the end of our stock. In this case - first come, first served.
In case of any questions - please drop me a line
Please, follow the update of our stock:
Transfer Bag Solid Black
only 2 pieces left
C4+ Leather MacBook Pro 15" Case Black only 2 pieces left
Atom Backpack Raw Natural
Sold out
Munguy Brief Case
only 1 piece left
U-tility Backpack Solid Black
only 3 pieces left
Yenisei Abakan Backpack
only 2 pieces left
C4 Leather Macbook 12
only 1 piece left
Tactical Bag Lite Solid Black
only 2 pieces left
Mayna Hip Bag
only 2 pieces left
Yalay Shoulder Bag
only 2 pieces left
Pocket Bag Small Raw Natural
only 1 piece left
Atom Backpack Solid Black
only 1 piece left
Koma Leather Wallet
only 2 pieces left
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Zuzanna | Thisispaper

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