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How we're changing: our (near) future sales model

Issue #1 — Sep 28, 2020
Thisispaper Shop
Today: How we're changing: our (near) future sales model
Welcome at the new Thisispaper Shop newsletter!
This is a space where we will inform you about our future plans, upcoming changes and new product updates.
Tools we use in our workshop
Tools we use in our workshop
For many years, we have been consistently striving to create the highest quality products - without rush, from the best materials, at a responsible, ethical, and balanced pace, based on the idea of local production.
This time, with the new reality we all have to find ourselves in, we decided to change the way we produce our goods.
We want our products to become a manifesto of timeless, conscious and handcrafted approaches to the design and fashion industry.
Therefore, within the next month, we would like to present to you a new sale model in our store: every 3-4 months we produce a certain limited edition of products. Every piece is made to order.
You place the order during the pre-order time when you pay less but you wait for the final arrival of the product. It means no waste of material, no aggressive promotions and no extra stock which is lying on shelves with dust.
To be honest - our products are slow in production and we want to sell them in a mindful way too. Becoming a “big” brand was never our aim nor a dream. With our minimalist attitude, we want to welcome all of our clients to our future plans for Thisispaper Shop.
(For next upcoming months things will stay the same and our shop works normally.)
Have a lovely day!
P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email.
Zuzanna (co-founder of Thisispaper)
Thisispaper leather embossing stamp
Thisispaper leather embossing stamp
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Zuzanna | Thisispaper

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